Why wood?

Well, first of all, we have LOTS of wood in Sweden. But that isn’t the main reason we chose wood. We chose wood because of the climate, our carbon footprint. Our plan is to replace the material we use by planting one tree for each pair of sunglasses we sell. In a few years we hope to have a whole forest thank to you guys! Also, wood makes fantastic sunglass material, it is easy to shape, it’s light and best of all, it floats!


Each pair is unique

It is important that you understand this before you buy any of our products. Each tree in the world is different which means that all of our products are unique. Your product may therefore not look exactly as the one in our pictures when it comes to wood patterns and colour. There is an upside for you though – we guarantee that you will be the only person in the world with your product. Complete uniqueness is pretty cool after all.


You know Sweden right? Us Swedes live way up north in Europe, right next door to the North Pole. Our climate is rough; cold and dark most of the year. That’s why we truly cherish the days when the sun is shining. We live in the worst of conditions and that’s why we since the beginning of time have created high quality things, they need to last all year around. Sustainability and quality is in our blood and we have used our knowledge and viking spirit to produce the best sunglasses nature can give!

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