Hamra Skog


There’s an island in the Baltic Sea, about 4 hours off the east coast of Sweden called Gotland, where we swedes go to spend our summer days. The sun shines a bit brighter there, and people seem a little bit happier. In the south of the island, where the sea meets the trees, lies the small town Hamra. Our summer paradise. This wooden watch is made out of dark ebony wood, featured with gold details, and a deep black strap. Each watch has a unique personality and is carefully handcrafted from the most precious wood in the world.

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• Hamra Skog wristwatch made out of natural wood
• Stainless steel clasp
• Adjustable to fit any wrist
• Mineral Crystal Glass
• Design made in Sweden
• Unisex
• We plant 1 tree for each product sold. So long carbon footprint!

• 30 day hassle free return policy.