Our Story

What we do is pretty simple, actually – we want to make people feel a bit better about themselves in everyday life.

Our story starts with a late summer night in northern Sweden. A group of friends out on a camping adventure, had a change of view. Struck by the beauty of nature they realised that their lives wouldn’t ever be the same, couldn’t ever be the same. The thought of spending their lives stuck between office walls seemed impossible, there’s just too much to see and explore in the world. They left their regular careers the day they got back home and decided to do something creative, fun and adventurous.

One of them was myself, Magnus Åhman, founder of Carl Oaks. I decided that I wanted to create great looking, affordable and hand crafted wooden sunglasses.

The decision to work with wooden sunglasses was pretty simple considering my love for sunglasses and the environment. All of our products are manufactured using recycled material and for each pair of sunglasses we sell we will plant 1 tree somewhere in the world.

Carl Oaks is more than just another sunglass brand. We try to be a lifestyle brand, an inspiration to get people out there, to enjoy life and release the adventurous side of each and every one. We don’t only want you to look great, we want you to feel great.

Join the movement!


Wanna do business? Contact me straight away on magnus.ahman@carloaks.com